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hell on earth

to be honest i don't give a shit who reads this at the moment iam in the state of mind that no -one gives a fucking shit about me in my hour of need you can garuntee that i will be alone while the blood from my wrists and neck is colouring the floor a very beautiful deep red ok so i am swigging wine out of the bottle my parents are away and i am in a pretty self destructive mood

and eventhough i have friends i am unloved in the way that i want to be and i have come to the unfortunate conclusion that the reasn i am fat far to needy and i may collapse on the floor any time why id rather destroy myself is anyones guess but i am not worth the pain and heratache if i were to die who would care? all the people who i have ever loved have either hurt me or not known how i feel for them and what do they do they suck me dry untill i have nothing BUT and this is makes me laugh it is all my fault i scare them away so all i have to say is FUCK OFF AND BOLLOCKS because every thing i hsve to give is not enough

i have to accept the truth I am fcking ugly and will die alone
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